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Written by Tim Denner
on February 17, 2022

Termites are a problem in San Jose, California. The weather conditions make it easy for termites to thrive. And many homeowners, unknowingly, make their homes very attractive to termites. If you find yourself with a termite infestation in your home in San Jose, California, it is time to think about treatment options. Termites are difficult to eradicate with DIY methods because they spend their time in areas of the home that are typically difficult to access. The best approach to dealing with termites is to bring in a professional to help with termite treatment. Three excellent options for termite treatment that are available in San Jose, California include structural fumigation, heat treatment, and green treatment.

Structural fumigation

Structural fumigation is a termite treatment option that is available for homeowners in San Jose, California. This treatment option is designed to address severe and widespread termite infestations. The first step in structural fumigation is to encapsulate the property in a specially designed tent. The tent can be sealed to prevent the termite fumigant from escaping. Once the tent is set up properly, the termite pro will release the fumigant and allow it to permeate the house for a few days. The termite fumigant is designed to reach every spot in your home – even inside the walls. This treatment option will require you to be gone from your home for a few days. For extensive termite infestations, structural fumigation is an excellent treatment option for homeowners in San Jose, California.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is another type of termite treatment that homeowners in San Jose, California should consider. If your home is infested with drywood termites, heat treatment may be the right option. Heat treatment kills drywood termites by applying high heat with heaters designed for this process. Heat treatment can be completed quickly – often within a few hours – and does not require you to stay out of your home over night.

Green treatment

There are a number of termite treatment options that fall under the category of ‘green treatment’. Treatment options that are environmentally friendly and safe for your family can be put into this category. Some of the green treatment options that are available in San Jose, California include borates, orange oil, and tree bark derivatives. Each of these treatment options can be applied while you are at home and in less than a day.

When it comes to getting termite treatment for your San Jose, California home, there are plenty of options. The right treatment for your home depends on factors like the type of infestation you have, the severity of the infestation, and your preferences. Get started on the process of eliminating termites from your home by calling TAPS Termite and setting up a free termite inspection.

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