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Written by Tim Denner
on June 20, 2019

If you are in the process of looking for a commercial property to purchase then you are likely dealing with a lot of moving parts. There are often more factors to consider when purchasing a commercial property as compared to a residential purchase. Commercial buildings are typically bigger than residential properties and they often have multiple tenants. When you are thinking about how the building will work for your business and potential tenants it can be easy to lose sight of other elements you should consider. One of these elements is termites. You will put yourself and your business at risk if you fail to have any commercial property you are considering inspected for termites. Termite activity can go unnoticed for a long time in large properties and lead to expensive damage. If you find damage before you make the purchase you can negotiate for repairs or ask for a reduction in the purchase price. A termite inspection will also help you take steps to prevent future damage and protect your investment going forward.

High likelihood of termite activity going unnoticed

Commercial properties can be very large. If you are considering a property that will house multiple tenants it makes proper inspections even more crucial. It is simply too much to ask of yourself to notice every potential problem in such a large property. Hiring professional inspectors will ensure that the property is thoroughly checked out for potential problems. Termite activity is one of the most difficult types of pest activity to notice with the naked eye. Without formal training in the process you may look right at the signs of activity and not realize what you are seeing. A professional inspector will know how to identify the signs of activity and where to look for them.

Negotiate for repairs before making a purchase

Getting a termite inspection on a commercial property you want to purchase can help you in the negotiation process. If termite activity is discovered you can ask the seller to eradicate them before the purchase is complete. If termite damage is found, you can negotiate for repair costs or a reduction in purchase price. Taking the simple step of scheduling a termite inspection can literally save you thousands of dollars in repair costs once the building belongs to you.

Protect your investment

Buying a commercial building is a big investment. You need to take every reasonable step you can to protect that investment now and in the future. Termites are a threat to that investment because they can cause expensive damage. Getting a termite inspection and then taking action based off of the results of that inspection will help you protect your building and your investment.

Clearly, getting a termite inspection before you finalize the purchase of a commercial building is a wise decision. If you need a professional termite inspection on a commercial property get in touch with the pros at TAPS Termite.  TAPS Termite has been serving businesses in Santa Clara County and surrounding areas since 1969 and we would be honored to serve your business as well.

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