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Written by Fernando Munoz
on October 22, 2020

It can be tough to stay on top of all your home maintenance tasks. The reality is that life is busy and there are some tasks that simply do not make the cut week in and week out. Unfortunately, getting behind on certain home maintenance tasks can cause a domino effect that results in more issues. A very serious issue that can occur because of poor home maintenance is termites. A termite infestation is more likely at your home if you get behind on yardwork, store firewood improperly, and fail to fix water issues. If you do not take the time now to stay on top of home maintenance tasks you may find yourself spending more time and money dealing with termites in the future.

Yardwork and termites

Getting behind on your lawn maintenance can make a termite infestation more likely. Dead limbs and trees near your home can draw termites onto your property. Rotting mulch in your flowerbed can be a haven for termite activity. Overgrown grass can hide a number of issues that attract termites. Putting off yardwork can put your home at an increased risk for a termite infestation.

Firewood and termites

Termites are attracted to wood – particularly dead wood. The wood that you keep near your house to use in your fireplace is just the type of wood that termites love. It is convenient to keep the firewood near your house or to skip a couple steps when it comes to properly storing the wood. The reality is, however, that you increase your chances of developing an infestation if you do not put forth the extra effort to store the firewood properly. In order to protect your home against termites you need to store the firewood away from your house and off the ground. It will be less convenient than having it right outside the door but it is worth the inconvenience if it helps you avoid a termite infestation.

Water issues and termites

Neglecting water issues around your home can lead to a long list of issues – including termites. Leaks, poorly functioning downspouts, standing water, and improper drainage can all make a termite infestation more likely. Termites are attracted to homes with moisture rich soil and all of the water issues outlined above can cause moisture to build up in your soil. If you do not deal with these maintenance issues right away you could find yourself with water problems and a termite infestation.

Getting behind on your home maintenance may not feel like a big problem. However, poor home maintenance puts your property at risk for developing other issues such as a termite infestation. Dealing with the consequences of a termite infestation will take longer and be much more expensive than being proactive about your home maintenance. If you get caught up with your lawn tasks, move the firewood away from your house, and fix any water issues your home will be better protected from termites.

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