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Written by Fernando Munoz
on September 22, 2020

Termites are tiny pests that can cause big problems for your home. In fact, when you learn how much damage termites can cause they are downright scary. Termites threaten homes, businesses, and other buildings throughout the United States. If your home is located in any state other than Alaska then it is at risk for termite damage. The scary truth about termites is that they can eat away at the structural wood of your house, lead to secondary damage inside your home, and damage wood around doors and windows.

Eat away at the structural wood of your house

Subterranean termites need to stay in close contact to moisture rich soil to survive which means that they often build their colonies in the soil under houses. When the colony is under a house, the closest wood to the termites is the foundational wood. This means that the termites will start out eating on the wood that was used to create the foundation of your home. The fact that this wood is under the house and out of sight makes it difficult to catch if you are not actively looking. If this type of termite activity goes on for long it can lead to widespread damage that is expensive to repair.

Lead to secondary damage inside your home

The damage that termites cause to the structural wood of your home can lead to secondary damage inside your house. A weakened foundation can lead to issues with your floors and walls. You can have trouble closing windows, doors, and cabinets properly if this type of damage occurs. Termite damage can have a ripple effect when it comes to creating damage.

Damage wood around doors and windows

Many modern doors and windows use materials other than wood in their construction. However, the framing and thresholds are often still constructed with wood. Termites can target these areas and damage the wood. Signs of this type of termite damage includes wood that looks wavy or appears to be disintegrating. When termite damage in these areas is widespread, it can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Termites can cause extensive damage to multiple areas of your home. When you consider all of the areas that termites can infest the cost of potential repairs can quickly add up. In addition, the required repairs are often very disruptive to make. For example, having the foundation of your home repaired can be an expensive, time-consuming, and even lead to other damage. You can avoid the serious damage that termites can cause by getting professional protection against the pests. The pros at TAPS Termite can protect your home from getting infested in the first place with preventative treatment. If you already have an infestation, TAPS can provide treatment to eradicate termites from your home and protect it from further damage.

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