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Written by Tim Denner
on February 25, 2021

A termite pro is a must if you are experiencing problems with termites. They are difficult to eradicate without the proper equipment, training, and experience. If you notice termite activity or see what you think are signs of damage, get in touch with a termite pro as soon as possible. When you have an active termite infestation it's not the only time that you can benefit from working with a termite pro. There are also situations where it makes sense to call a termite pro before you notice a problem. 

Prevention is easier than treatment

One reason to call a termite pro before you notice a problem is that prevention is easier than treatment. Keeping termites out of your home is much easier than getting them out once they have settled in. Part of the reason termites are so difficult to eradicate is because they often infest areas that are hard to reach – such as under your house. A termite pro can help you take the appropriate steps to prevent an infestation from occurring. 

Termites can cause serious damage

Termites are small pests but they have the ability to cause serious damage. They eat away at the wood of your home which can, over time, erode the stability of your property. This damage can be time consuming and expensive to repair. The fact that termites can cause so much damage should prompt you to take action to prevent an infestation. A simple call to a termite pro to set up an inspection will get you started on the process of protecting your home from these pests. 

You can get a professional termite inspection for free

Another reason to go ahead and call a termite pro – even if you have not noticed a problem – is because it will not cost you anything to get a professional inspection. The top termite professionals offer termite inspections free of charge. You can get a report about the condition of your home in relation to termites and suggestions on prevention options without spending a dime. This valuable service can help you do what is necessary to protect your home from the threat of termites. 

Being proactive is one of your best defenses against termites. Do not wait to call a termite professional until you see signs of termite activity. By the time you see evidence of termite activity it is highly likely that you will already have significant damage to your home. Get started right away on the process of protecting your property by scheduling a free, professional termite inspection. The pros at TAPS Termite off a free termite inspection to homeowners who live in Santa Clara County and surrounding areas. You can call or fill out the online form to get the process started.

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