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Written by Fernando Munoz
on November 02, 2021

It can save you time and money to tackle projects around your house on your own. If you are handy and enjoy doing things around the house, it makes sense to jump in and take care of small tasks on your own. There are, however, some jobs around your house that you should leave up to the professionals. In fact, there are some tasks that can be very risky if you choose to tackle them on your own. One of those tasks is termite treatment. If you try DIY termite treatment, you risk missing the signs of an infestation, leaving some termites behind, and continued property damage.

Risk missing signs of an infestation

The first risk of DIY termite treatment is missing the signs of an infestation. If you decide to take on the task of protecting your home from termites, the first step is to determine if you have termites. This process involves learning how to identify the signs of termite activity and then searching every part of your home where those signs are likely to be. This is a process that requires a sharp eye and quite a bit of time. It is very easy to miss subtle signs of a termite infestation when you are not trained or experienced in the process of completing termite inspections. If you do not see signs of an infestation then you are not going to apply any type of treatment and leave your home vulnerable.

Risk leaving some termites behind

If you do correctly recognize the signs of a termite infestation and decide to apply treatment on your own, you risk leaving some termites behind. Leaving a few termites behind allows the infestation to continue and it will eventually grow back to its former proportions. The places where termites spend their time are not easy to access. They can get into your walls, in your floor, and in the attic. If you do not apply the termite treatment in all the areas that are affected, you can easily leave some termites behind.

Risk continued property damage

The biggest risk of DIY termite treatment is continued property damage. If you fail to identify an active infestation or leave some termites behind, the damage will continue until the termites are completely eradicated. Termites can cause serious damage to your property and make it necessary for you to make expensive repairs to your home. The possibility of further damage to your property makes termite treatment something you should leave up to the professionals.

Termite treatment is a process that requires both training and specialized equipment. When you consider the risks associated with failing to completely eradicate an infestation, it makes financial sense to hire a professional instead of trying to do it all on your own. You can schedule a free inspection from TAPS Termite to find out if you have an active infestation and to learn which treatment option is best for your situation.

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