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Written by Fernando Munoz
on September 26, 2019

Structural fumigation can seem like a drastic option for treating termites. When you have a giant tent covering the entirety of your house it can feel like you are announcing to the world that you have termites or some other type of pest problem. The reality is that structural fumigation is a drastic treatment option for termites. But it is also a very effective treatment option. Termites can cause serious and expensive damage to the wood of your home and can also be difficult to eradicate. If the type and/or severity of your termite infestation calls for structural fumigation you will have to invest some of your time to prepare your home for treatment. The three most important steps for preparing your home for structural fumigation include: relocating all living creatures, protecting the food and medicine in the house, and making lodging accommodations for a few days.   

Relocate all living creatures

The termiticide that is used in structural fumigation is very effective at killing off termites. It can also harm other living creatures such as the people in your home, your pets, and plants. In order to protect the things you love from harm you will need to remove them all from your home prior to fumigation.

Protect the food and medicine in the house

Another step in preparing your home for structural fumigation is to protect your food and medicine. Normal food and medicine packaging can be permeated by the termiticide released into the air during fumigation. In order to keep your food and medicine from becoming contaminated you need to put it in packaging designed to withstand the chemicals released during this process. You can talk to your termite treatment pro about what types of bags you need in order to store these perishable items. In many situations you can get the bags directly from the pest control company you hire. Another option is to completely remove the food and medicine from your house while it is being fumigated.

Make lodging accommodations for a few days

You will not be able to stay in your home during structural fumigation or for the following days. It takes time for the termiticide to dissipate and make it safe for reentry. Your termite pro will give you an estimate of the timeline which depends on a number of factors. This will allow you to find accommodations for the time you must remain out of your house.

Preparing your home and yourself for structural fumigation is not complicated but it will take some time. If you have several pets or a large family the logistics of getting and keeping everyone out can become complicated. You will have to put forth some effort to get everything ready for fumigation but in return you will get a home that is free from damaging termites.

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