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Written by Tim Denner
on January 13, 2022

Termite baiting systems can be an important part of a termite prevention plan for your home. The name ‘baiting system’ is a bit of a misnomer. It does not attract termites but monitors their activity near your home. Individual bait stations are placed strategically around your property. The spacing between the bait stations and distance from your house are carefully chosen to provide optimal results from the baiting system. This process requires the help of a professional so you can rest assured that you get the best results. Keep reading to learn about three of the ways that a termite baiting system is an important part of termite protection for your home.

Termite baiting systems include professional monitoring

One of the major benefits of getting a termite baiting system installed by a professional is the fact that it will be monitored regularly by a professional. In order for the baiting system to be effective, the bait stations need to be monitored regularly by a professional. Each bait station includes a block of wood that termites can feed on as they move toward your home. The condition of the wood block provides information about the level of termite activity near your home. If the bait stations indicate to the termite pro that there is a high level of activity in the immediate area, you will need to take action to protect your home from an impending infestation. Having a professionally monitored baiting system allows you to be proactive in your efforts to protect your home from termites.

Termite baiting systems keep track of termite activity near your home

As mentioned above, the individual bait stations that are part of a termite baiting system keep track of the termite activity near your home. This is important because knowing that termites are moving toward your home will give you time to protect it. Termite infestations can happen in a few different ways. One way is that termites simply move in the direction of your home and happen upon it. In areas where termites are a big problem, this can easily occur. A baiting system will help protect your house from getting an infestation in this way by keeping track of nearby termite activity.

Termite baiting systems give you time to take preventative action

Termite baiting systems do not prevent termite infestations but they help you prevent them. It takes time for termites to move through the ground and to your home. The bait stations are placed at a distance from your home and monitored on a schedule that will allow the termite pro time to catch a potential issue and provide preventative treatment.

Baiting systems are an important part of protecting your home from termites that attempt to infest by moving through the soil. In order to truly protect your home from termites, you will need to have a comprehensive prevention plan in place and a bait system can be an important part of that plan.

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