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Written by Tim Denner
on August 27, 2020

Termites are a threat to your home all year long. Once they establish a colony, termites will eat away at the structural wood of your home around the clock. If you do not have an active infestation in your home, the time when you are most vulnerable for developing one is when swarmers are active. Swarmers are reproductive termites that leave their colony in search of a place to establish a new colony. If any part of your home was built using wood then you are at risk for developing a termite infestation. There are some steps you can take to prepare for the threat of termites. These include catching up on home maintenance, getting a professional termite inspection, and setting up preventative termite treatment.

Catch up on home maintenance

Catching up on home maintenance can help you prepare for the threat of termites. Termites are attracted to properties that have moisture-rich soil. Moisture can build up in your soil because of leaks, issues with grade, and problems with your gutters. You can prepare your home for the threat of termites by dealing with these maintenance issues. Fix any leaks around the outside of your house and under it. If the water does not drain properly away from your house, you may need to bring in some professional help to re-grade your lawn. Cleaning out your gutters and fixing any areas that are damaged can also help you ensure that water flows away from your house. Each of these maintenance tasks can help reduce the moisture in your soil and help prepare for the threat of termites.

Get a professional termite inspection

A professional termite inspection can help you prepare for the threat of termites in a number of ways. During the inspection, the termite pro will look for signs of termite activity, damage, and issues that can lead to an infestation. After the inspection you will receive an inspection report pointing out any potential issues. The information in this report can help you decide which steps to take to prevent a termite infestation.

Set up preventative termite treatment

Preventative termite treatment can help you prepare for the threat of termites. For example, a termite baiting system can attract swarmers away from your home. When the termites ingest the bait, it will kill them off before they have the chance to develop a thriving colony. There are a number of options when it comes to getting preventative termite treatment.

Termites always pose a risk to your home, but when swarmers come out the risk of developing an infestation is much higher. If you take a few proactive steps now you can prepare for the threat of termites and prevent an infestation from occurring. You can get started right away catching up on home maintenance tasks. And, when you’re ready, you can call the pros at TAPS Termite to set up a time for a termite inspection.

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