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Written by Fernando Munoz
on January 26, 2021

One of the things that makes termites so problematic is the scope of damage they can cause. They are small pests that have the ability to cause big damage to the structural wood of your home. A large colony of termites can eat away at the wood of your home around the clock. This amount of activity can cause significant damage over time. If you discover a termite infestation there will likely be some damage that you have to address. Start the process by making sure all termite activity is eliminated then get a professional assessment of the damage and hire a professional to make repairs

Make sure all termite activity is eliminated

The first step in dealing with the damage that termites cause is to stop it from continuing. There is no point in spending time and money to repair damage if there are still termites in your home creating more damage. Focus your efforts on successfully eliminating the termite infestation before you spend serious money on repairs. Getting a termite pro to come in and treat your home is the quickest and most effective way to ensure that the termite activity and damage have stopped.

Get a professional assessment of the damage

It can be difficult to assess the scope of termite damage if you are not trained to do so. Termite damage can occur deep in the structural wood of your home and may not be obvious from the surface. In order to get a correct assessment of the damage you need to bring in a termite professional. Someone who is trained and experienced in finding and assessing termite damage can let you know the scope of the damage so you can make plans for the repairs. You can set up a termite inspection for your home to determine if you have an infestation and assess any damage that has occurred. After the inspection you will receive a report that outlines the damage that has occurred. Getting a professional assessment of the termite damage is an important step in the process of dealing with it.

Hire a professional to make the repairs

Repairing wood that has been damaged by termites is different than tackling other projects around the house. Oftentimes, the wood that is damaged by termites is structural. This means that repairs may be difficult and involve major components of your house. For example, a repair to your foundation can impact your floors, walls, doorways, and various other elements of your home. It takes experience and training to properly make these types of repairs so you do no encounter more issues down the line.

It is no fun to discover that you have termite damage to your home. Taking the appropriate steps to get repairs will take time and money. However, ignoring the damage that termites cause will eventually lead to more severe damage and require more significant repairs. Being proactive when it comes to dealing with termite damage is the best way for you to minimize the cost and scope of repairs.

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