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Written by Fernando Munoz
on January 11, 2022

Are you the type of person who tackles home maintenance and improvement projects on the weekends? If you are hands-on when it comes to caring for your home, it can be tempting to try and handle everything yourself. The DIY mindset can definitely save you money on some things and give you a deeper sense of pride in your home. However, there are some aspects of caring for your home that you should leave up to the professionals. One of the aspects of home maintenance that you should not do on your own is termite extermination. It is a bad idea to try and eliminate termites on your own for a number of reasons.

The signs of termite activity can be difficult to spot

One of the problems with trying to eliminate termites on your own is that fact that they tend to stay out of sight. If you are not trained in identifying signs of termite activity, you could easily miss them. For example, termite frass (droppings) can look similar to saw dust or dirt. If you do not know how to identify frass, you could easily overlook it as being something else. It can also be difficult to differentiate between termite damage and other types of wood damage. Do you know the difference between wood rot and termite damage? Most homeowners would have difficulty differentiating between the different types of wood damage. Missing signs of a termite infestation leaves your home vulnerable to damage. The best way to protect your home is to have a professional come out and inspect the property for signs of activity.

Termites can cause damage to your home around the clock

It is also a bad idea to try and deal with termites on your own because they can cause damage to your home around the clock. A large termite infestation can quite literally cause damage to your home 24/7. This is a big problem because the type of damage termites cause is often to structural wood. If you try and deal with termites on your own but fail to eliminate the entire infestation, the pests will continue to damage your property. This is a risk that is not worth taking in order to avoid paying a termite professional. In the long run, you will pay much more in damage repairs if you fail to completely eradicate an infestation.

Termites are difficult to eradicate

Termites are difficult to eradicate without the proper training, equipment, and experience. These pests can get into the wood inside your walls and other out-of-the-way places. If you do not properly apply the treatment – and get it to every area of your home – the infestation will remain and quickly grow pack to previous levels. As mentioned above, this leaves your home vulnerable to continued damage.

It is a bad idea to try and eliminate termites on your own – for all of the reasons outlined above. Trying to deal with termites without professional help will most likely leave you with additional damage to your house. The good news is that it is simple (and free) to get a professional termite inspection for your home from the pros at TAPS Termite. Call or get online to schedule an appointment and get started on the process of protecting your home from termites and the damage they can cause.

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