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Written by Tim Denner
on October 27, 2020

A termite infestation is something that requires your immediate attention. These pests can cause damage to your property on a daily basis and will not stop eating away at the wood of your home until you take action against them. You have a few different options when it comes to treating a termite infestation at your property. The best treatment option will depend upon the type and severity of your termite infestation.


You can have a termite baiting system set up around your home to help you eliminate an active infestation and prevent future infestations. A baiting system will have several bait stations set up around the perimeter of your property. Each bait station is equipped with bait that attracts termites. Since the stations are set up on the perimeter of the property they will draw the termites away from your home. When termites get to the baiting station, they will feed on the bait which is designed to be toxic to both the termite that ingested it as well as others in the colony. Baiting can be used to kill off an active infestation and as a barrier against future infestations. 

Liquid termiticide

Liquid termiticide can be used to kill off termites in your home. Termiticide is typically applied directly to areas that are infested with termites. This treatment option is faster acting than bait but must be applied in areas where termites are active. Getting the termiticide to all of the areas of termite activity can be a difficult thing to do.

Structural fumigation

Structural fumigation is a termite treatment option designed for severe termite infestations. Structural fumigation is designed to get to every nook and cranny inside your house – including inside your walls. This process requires you to make a number of preparations and be out of your house for a few days. Structural fumigation is only considered as a treatment option in situations where bait and termiticide will not provide results.

Which termite treatment option is best?

The best termite treatment option is the one that will provide you with the desired results. In order to determine which option will work for you, the first step is to get a professional termite inspection. During the inspection, the termite pro will determine the scope of the infestation. After the inspection you will receive a detailed report of the findings as well as treatment recommendations.

In many situations, the best treatment option is a combination of methods. Your termite pro may recommend liquid termiticide to eliminate the current infestation as well as a baiting system to help keep termites away. If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, get in touch with the pros at TAPS Termite to schedule a free inspection.

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