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Written by Fernando Munoz
on February 15, 2022

Homeowners in Santa Clara County need to take the threat of termites seriously. Termites are common in this part of the country. You cannot find an area in Santa Clara County where you are safe from termites. These pests will always be a threat as long as you live in this area. The reality is that termites are a threat throughout most of the United States. The good news is that there are some steps you can take to protect your Santa Clara County home from the threat of termites.

Get a professional termite inspection

A professional termite inspection is an important step to take if you want to protect your Santa Clara County home from termites. An inspection will provide you with important information about the condition of your home. The inspector will be able to determine if you have an active infestation, if there has been a previous infestation, or if you are at a high risk for an infestation. The results of the inspection will provide you with the information you need to take the next step in the process. If you have an infestation, you will need to get eradication services as quickly as possible. If you are at risk for an infestation, the inspector will guide you on the next best prevention step for your situation.

Invest in a termite baiting system

A termite baiting system is one of the options you have for termite prevention. A baiting system can help you monitor the level of termite activity in the area surrounding your home. The bait stations are stocked with easy-to-digest pieces of wood that termites will munch on as they move toward your home. Your termite pro will regularly monitor the wood in the stations for signs of termite activity. If the condition of the wood points to significant termite activity, you will need to take proactive steps to protect your home from the pending infestation. A baiting system can be thought of as a warning system for termite activity.

Stay on top of home maintenance

Staying on top of home maintenance is a practical way that you can protect your Santa Clara County home from termites. Home maintenance issues like water leaks and poor drainage can make your home more attractive to termites. It is important to deal with maintenance issues – especially those involving water – as quickly as possible. Being proactive with home maintenance can help protect your home from termites.

Store firewood away from the house

Firewood can be infested with termites. If you store the chopped firewood next to your house, those termites can move from the firewood to the wood of your home. A simple solution to this threat is to store firewood away from your house and off of the ground. When you are ready to have a fire, you will have to walk a few extra steps to get the wood but it will be worth the effort.

There is no way around the fact that termites are active in Santa Clara County. You can, however, take a few simple steps to protect your home from the threat of these pests. The pros at TAPS Termite can help you with the process making sure your home is protected from termites.

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