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Written by Fernando Munoz
on September 21, 2021

Any type of pest infestation is an inconvenience, ranging from a simple nuisance to a complete disruption of your everyday life. Termites, in and of themselves, would fall into the latter category. Termites can cause extensive damage to your property and result in enormous amounts of time and money spent handling the fallout from these little critters feasting on the very structure of your home. If the problem isn’t too severe, your pest control professional might recommend treatments such as heat, microwave, and spot treatments…but if the infestation is extensive, more drastic measures such as structural fumigation may be in order. How do you know what treatment is appropriate? When is structural fumigation the right choice for your property?

It’s important to first know what structural fumigation is. This method of termite eradication involves tenting the entire home or building, then using a gas termiticide in the sealed area to exterminate the termites. The tent must be left on the property for several days while the gas completely permeates all parts of the home. Once a professional has aired out and evaluated the structure, the treatment is considered complete and inhabitants may return home.

If that seems like a very intense way to kill off those little pests, you’re right. But sometimes it’s the only way; a professional is likely to recommend structural fumigation when:

  1. There are termites in areas that aren’t visually accessible or easily reachable.

When termites get deep inside walls and in hard-to-reach places, treatment options can be limited. It’s important that no termites are left behind after treatment, as they will repopulate quickly and begin to wreak havoc on the property once again. Structural fumigation ensures that the gas termiticide permeates every single nook and cranny of a property, eliminating even the most hidden termites with its toxic fumes.

  1. Less invasive methods for termite eradication are not possible.

A termite control professional will always attempt less invasive methods for getting rid of a termite problem. However, due to the location of the infestation or other factors, sometimes those methods are not successful to fully eradicate the problem. Knowing that whatever method is used must exterminate every termite, a termite control pro might recommend structural fumigation to ensure the problem is completely resolved with treatment.

  1. An infestation is extensive and severe.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Your termite professional will perform an inspection and evaluate all options before recommending treatment – especially before recommending a treatment as intense as structural fumigation. Structural fumigation is very disruptive to those living in a property and is significantly more expensive than other methods. Unfortunately, some infestations are so severe that structural fumigation is the only way to kill every single termite.

If your termite control professional has indicated that structural fumigation is the right choice for your property, don’t panic. While this is a costly and disruptive treatment process to endure, it is by far the best method to use if you have a severe termite infestation. Trust your termite control professionals to use their judgement and experience during the fumigation - keep your eye on the goal, which is returning to a termite-free property. If you live in the San Jose area and have a termite problem that might require structural fumigation or any treatment at all, call TAPS Termite for a free termite inspection by an experienced professional.

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