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Written by Fernando Munoz
on September 03, 2020

If you own a home then you need to be educated about termites. There are important questions to ask about these pests. Why are termites a problem? What type of damage can termites cause? Are termites active in my area? Is there anything I can do to prevent termites? How do I tell if termites have infested my home? How do I recognize termite damage? What are the treatment options for a termite infestation? Are there DIY options for eradicating termites? Who do I turn to for help with termite prevention and eradication? If you are just getting started in the process of learning about termites you may have similar questions to the ones outlined above, as well as many others. You need answers to your questions about termites, but where can you find reliable information about these pests? The two main places most people search for reliable information about termites is online and from a termite professional.


Most people can agree that there is a lot of junk on the internet. It does not take much effort to put information out there that is not helpful or may be completely incorrect. When it comes to information about termites there is definitely some mis-information available online. As with any topic that matters, you will have to sort through the junk to get to the real information. If you are looking for information online about termites, stick with three main sources: articles/studies put out by major universities, government information about termites, and websites by local termite professionals that you can check out through other means. When you try to get all of your information from one of these three sources it is much more likely to be more reliable than looking at sources that you cannot verify.

Termite Professional

The best place to get reliable information about termites is from a local termite professional. When you schedule a termite inspection for your home the information you receive will be based off of real information from your property. A local pro can help you learn about the type of termites in your area, how at risk your home is for an infestation, and real steps you can take to deal with the threat of termites in your home. There is no substitute for the quality of information you will get about termites when you bring in a professional to inspect your home.

Many people start their search for reliable information about termites online and then opt to bring in a pro for an inspection. That approach is a great way to get started on the process of learning about termites and how to protect against them. You can learn more about termites on the TAPS Termite blog and, when you’re ready, schedule a free termite inspection for your home.

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