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Written by Tim Denner
on July 30, 2019

The damage caused from termite activity may start in one area of your home but can quickly snowball into widespread damage. For example, subterranean termites often start out eating away at the wood under properties. It is easy for this damage to go unnoticed because homeowners do not spend a lot of time under their houses. If the damage continues to worsen it will eventually lead to many different types of secondary issues. Serious termite damage often requires the help of a professional to repair. If you have termite damage in your home start the process of repair by bringing in a termite professional for an inspection. After the inspection you will receive a termite damage report outlining the type and extent of the damage to your home. With that information in hand you can find a pro that has experience doing the types of repairs your property needs.

Start with a termite inspection from a pro

Before you hire anyone to repair damage caused by termites you need to get a termite inspection from a pro. An inspection is important for a couple of reasons. First, it will let you know if there are any signs of a current termite infestation. You will be wasting time and money completing repairs on your home if you still have an active infestation. Second, the inspector will examine and make note of any areas with signs of termite damage. This information will be extremely valuable when you start the process of making repairs.

Carefully read the termite damage report

Once the termite inspection of your home is complete you will receive a termite damage report. This report will detail the areas of termite damage the inspector discovered. This information is very important because it will have a direct impact on the type and order of repairs you complete. For example, severe termite damage can lead to issues inside the home such as doors that do not close properly. Typically, this issue arises because termites eat away at foundational elements of the house and then it shifts in response. In this situation, fixing the doors is pointless until you have addressed the foundation problems. The termite damage report will outline the damage so you can plan the repairs accordingly.

Choose an experienced pro to repair the damage

Termites cause a very specific type of damage to properties. You will get the best repair results if you choose to work with someone who has experience dealing with termite damage. An experienced pro will know how to decipher the termite damage report and how to time the repairs so more damage does not occur in the future.

If you live in Santa Clara county or surrounding areas and need help with termite damage repair, get in touch with TAPS Termite. You can have your home inspected for termites, treated, and repaired with the help of the experienced pros at TAPS Termite. Book your free inspection today!

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