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Written by Tim Denner
on April 09, 2019

As a property manager you likely have a running list of routine maintenance that you keep up with at each property. This is a very proactive way to take care of the tenants in the properties and the property owners. If you do not have regular termite inspections on that list then it is time to add them to the rotation. Regular termite inspections will help you protect the tenants inside the properties, the people who own the properties, and your bottom line.

Protect Tenants

No matter what type of property you manage, there are people that come in and out of those properties. In a residential situation tenants spend their nights, weekends, and some days at the properties. In a commercial situation you may have tenants that work a typical forty hour week, around-the-clock, or something in between. No matter what the situation is, protecting the people who spend time in the properties is part of your job as property manager. You need to ensure that the property remains safe and up to the appropriate standards for occupancy. Termite issues can put the safety of your properties at risk because they can lead to structural damage. A severe termite infestation can necessitate foundation work and possibly roof work. A building that is not structurally sound is not one in which you should allow tenants to remain. Regular termite inspections can protect the tenants that spend time in your properties by catching termite activity before significant damage occurs.

Protect Property Owners

As a property manager you also have a responsibility to the owners of the properties. Termite damage can cost property owners a significant amount of money in repairs. Repairs from termite activity can include foundational and roof repairs which are two of the most expensive elements of a property to fix. Scheduling regular termite inspections will allow you to stay ahead of serious termite damage. The inspector will be able to catch the early signs of termite activity and prevent them from creating expensive repairs for the property owners.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Protecting the wellbeing of your tenants and the pocketbook of your property owners are both compelling reasons for scheduling regular termite inspections for the properties you manage. If you need one more reason consider the fact that these inspections can also protect your bottom line. Termite issues can lead to vacant properties especially if the issues are severe. Vacancies are bad news for property managers because they result in a loss of income.

Now that you understand the benefits of getting regular termite inspections for the properties you manage it is time to take action. TAPS Termites works with property managers in San Jose and surrounding areas to keep their properties free from destructive termites and we can help you do the same.

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