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Written by Tim Denner
on March 29, 2019

At TAPS Termite we have worked with many real estate agents and their clients. Through this experience we have come to understand that there is a lot of work real estate agents do that happens behind the scenes and under the radar. This work is necessary to keep deals running smoothly but it often goes unnoticed unless there is a problem. One of the important but unappreciated tasks top notch real estate agents do is schedule necessary inspections for properties. A termite inspection is one that a high quality real estate agent will recommend to every home seller and buyer. But, why is this type of inspection important whether an agent is helping someone buy or sell? Because, a termite inspection can protect sellers from surprises, protect buyers form costly repairs, and help provide everyone with an accurate understanding of the condition of the property.  

Protect sellers from surprises

When a person is selling a house it is important for them to know the ins and outs of the property. The reality is that any issues a property has will come up in an inspection when someone decides to buy. If there is an undiscovered termite infestation in a home it could cause a deal to fall apart and leave the sellers without a buyer. Getting a termite inspection as part of the process of listing a property will allow sellers to have all of the relevant information. If there is a termite infestation the sellers can eradicate the problem and make necessary repairs.

Protect buyers from costly repairs

Buying a house without getting a termite inspection opens people up to serious trouble down the road. Termites cause more damage than any other type of household pest. They can silently eat away at the structural wood of a property and go completely unnoticed to the untrained eye. Eventually, however, this damage will lead to signs that cannot be ignored. At that point, the cost of repairs will likely be exorbitant. Insisting that buyers get a professional termite inspection on any potential property is a way that real estate agents protect them from having to pay for costly repairs in the future.

Provide an accurate depiction of the condition of the house

A termite inspection can help real estate agents provide an accurate depiction of the condition of a property. Having a recent termite inspection that reports no infestation or damage is a great selling point in areas where termites are a serious issue. A termite inspection that shows current problems can provide an opportunity for the agent to advise their clients on the best course of action. Ultimately, the best real estate deals are those that are a win-win for seller and buyer. Providing a clear depiction of listed properties makes those types of situations much more likely to occur.    

If you are a real estate agent and do not currently recommend termite inspections to all clients, please consider adding this important service to your list of recommendations. It is a way to protect everyone involved from the damage that termites can cause.

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