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Written by Tim Denner
on March 19, 2020

The phrase ‘termite damage’ is a scary one for homeowners to hear. These tiny pests can do some serious – and expensive – damage to your home. In fact, when compared to other types of pest damage, termites are by far the most destructive. Why is that the case? It is so expensive to repair termite damage because termites can be active for a long time without you noticing, often target the structural wood of your home, and can cause extensive secondary damage. 

Termite activity can go on for a long time without you noticing

One of the reasons it is so expensive to repair termite damage is because these pests can be active for a long time without you realizing they are there. Termites often establish their colonies under structures which makes it easy for them to remain out of sight. They build mud tubes so they can safely travel back and forth between the colony and food source. In some situations, termites can be active for years before the damage shows up inside the house. At that point the structural damage is extensive and will be very expensive to repair.

Termites often target structural wood

The type of wood that termites often target is another reason repairs can be so expensive. When termites establish a colony underneath a house, the easiest wood to access is the structural wood. That is the wood used to make up the foundation and framing of the home. Damage to these areas of the structure can be extremely difficult and expensive to repair. 

Secondary damage can be extensive

Secondary damage from termites can occur as a result of the structural damage that is present. The structural wood of your home is tied into every other element of the house. This means that damaged or weakened structural wood can lead to an uneven foundation, cracks in walls, ill-shutting doors and windows, and a number of other issues. When this type of damage starts to show up it is an indication of widespread termite activity. The repairs for the primary and secondary damage that termites cause can quickly add up.

Repairing damage from long-term termite activity will most likely cost you quite a bit of money. Ignoring the possibility that you may have termites is the absolute worst thing you can do. Termites will not stop eating away at the wood of your home until you take steps to stop them. This means that the costs of repairs will continue to climb until you intervene. Investing in professional termite treatment will save you money in the long run because it is the most effective way to eradicate these pests from your home. You can schedule a free termite inspection with the pros at TAPS Termite to determine if you have an infestation and get recommendations for treatment.

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